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Welcome to the FutureDisk homepage! Here's the place to come for the hottest FD news, important MSX news, your downloads and your links. Everything an MSX user wants on the Net! For the ignorant, the FutureDisk is the biggest MSX disk magazine still alive, with members all over the world... If you want to know more details about the FutureDisk, just go to the 'Information' section. A small section that gives an introduction to MSX has been included as well, for people who are not familiar with MSX. For now, read on, and we of the FD team hope you will enjoy our homepage...


The FutureDisk Crew

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Thanks go to Sean Young, who kindly mirrors our page at WWW.MSXNET.ORG...


Because you are looking at the textonly version, some things may not be valid in this text. Also, navigation is different from the normal, framed, version. In stead of clicking on the beatiful navigation bars you'd otherwise see, you have to make your choices by clicking simple hyperlinks. It works, but it's not the method we recommend...


In the information section, you will find some information on various subjects. First of all there is some info for people who are not at all or not really familiar with MSX. Then there may also be some people that do not know the FutureDisk (Where have you been? Come out of you cave!). For them there's a page with info on the FutureDisk. For the latest and hottest FD news, you've also come to the right place. Our news page will inform you of all the latest gossips. If there is important MSX news, you will also find it on this page, although we recommend a subscription on the FD for the normal MSX news. Finally, there's the Helplines page. This page contains most of the FD crew members (with pictures, so be warned!) and their E-mail addresses, so we can help you with any FD or MSX question you might have. As always, we're glad to help...

[What's MSX?] [What's FutureDisk?] [Latest News] [Helplines] [Updates]


At our products section you can find a list of all products we ever made. And I can assure you, that's quite a lot! We go back some years... There's some information on every FD, along with a screenshot and the release date. The second page in this section will give you all the information on how to become a member of the biggest, oldest and best diskmag in Europe! Join those who... err... well, are a member already. The third page holds specific information on order old FutureDisks. Go there if you wish to order one. Finally, the fourth and last page is reserved for ordering the latest issues of the FD. Just in case you accidentally missed one. We can forgive you, if you order it now...

[Products List] [Order Old FutureDisks] [Order New FutureDisks] [Become An FD member]


In the miscellaneous section you will find our download center, links to some of the hottest MSX sites, links to MSX Search Sites and the credits for this fab page. Also, clicking here will give you a list of all things that were added lately.

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