The Download Center

Welcome to the FutureDisk Download Center... This is the page where you can find the latest free downloads in the MSX world. The general idea of this page is to give software-producers a chance to promote their software and MSX users a chance to take a peek at what's going to be released soon. The main idea is that this page is changed every now and then, to make the page look a little more attractive, and to allow as many products as possible to be displayed. If all goes well you'll be able to find just about anything on this page. From OPL4 programs to Turbo-R programs. Anything that's up for release sometime soon... Unfortunately we don't have anything special right now (yet). Come back later...

Please note: all these files are packed in the LZH format (except the unpackers, of course!). If you don't have a program to extract these files, you can find them here. Use PMEXT.COM if you want to unpack it on an MSX, and LHA.COM to unpack it on a PC.

Name Size System Requirements
LHA.EXE 34,283 Bytes An IBM PC
PMEXT.COM 12,928 Bytes An MSX Computer
Heavy X-mas! 98,170 Bytes A MoonSound Cartridge and a Christmas mood

Naturally, we would be happy to add your demo/ promo to this page. There's only one point of attention though: since our server has limited space, it's not possible for us to put your games, promo's etc. on our server. In stead, we will make a direct link to your page, and put that here. If you are interested, then send a mail to Jorrith Schaap concerning your request, and we'll work out a way to add your product as soon as possible!

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