What's new?

It is intended that here you can find all updates and changes made to the FD homepage. This should help you to surf more effectively through our homepage. Normally, you will find the last four updates made, but because we've just renewed everything we only have a short summary of what has changed. So read on...

21 September, 1999

27 April, 1999

And again some small things added:

19 March, 1999

And another small update...

25 September, 1998

A rather small update this time...

27 August, 1998

It took some time before I updated this page, but during holidays, I don't have FTP access, so you'll just have to live with it. OK, here's what's new:

13 May, 1998

04 May, 1998

14 April, 1998

06 Mar, 1998

05 Feb, 1998

03 Feb, 1998

26 Jan, 1998

The past few weeks, some small things have changed at the FD Homepage. These things were so small I didn't mention them before, but because you are probably going to think we are lazy, here's a small list for you anyway:

17 Dec, 1997

Added an extra file to the download section.

15 Dec, 1997

The new version of the FutureDisk homepage is finally published. Now we have a lot of extra things for you, compared to the old version. To name some things:As you can see that's quite a lot, but we're still not satisfied. If we have enough space, expect some extra features, like JAVA, even more graphics, or a text-only version for the users with simpler browsers. So stay tuned, and keep an eye on what's going on...

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