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Well, you're only human. So, yes, it is possible that you missed one of our older issues. There's things that can account for that. Don't give us crap like: 'Yeah, but I wasn't even born then...' You know too that that's not a good excuse. But, here we go again, we forgive you. But order it now! This is your chance to complete your collection of FDs!

On this page, you can do nothing more but order old FutureDisks. The old FutureDisks are all FDs, except the four latest issues. But, because I'm sure this sounds very vague, here's a list of all FDs currently considered 'old'...

Well, now that has been explained, let's continue. Because it takes us too much time to prepare and copy the old issues, time we'd like to use to make the FutureDisk even better, we've decided to come up with the following arrangement. You can place orders for old FDs, but we won't duplicate them until the next fair. These fairs, the Tilburg and Zandvoort fairs are in resp. March/ April and September. So you can place your order, and get the disks you wanted at one of these fairs. If you can't come to the fair, that's too bad. You'll have to wait as well, and then we can send it.

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If you want to order the latest FutureDisks, you should click here. Unfortunately our server doesn't support forms, so you can't order the easiest way. In stead you have to send order by E-mail. To order, just send an E-mail with the following data:

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If you have read all this, you can click on the FD logo below to send in your order to our administration. If you, for any reason, need our postal address, visit the Helpline page.

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