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Okay, so you missed on of that last FutureDisks... I guess there are circumstances that could justify a foul act like that. So, forgiving as we are, we'll just give you the chance to order it now.

On this page, you can only order the newer issues of the FutureDisk, usually being the latest 4 issues. To order, all you have to do is to make sure that Hfl. 7,50 (Dutch guilders, about US$ 3,75) per issue is deposited on bankaccount number (Rabobank) of Mr. K. Dols. Of course you can also pay by International Post Order (IPO). After we have received your payment, your order will be mailed to you within one week.

If you want to order other FutureDisks, please visit this page...

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Unfortunately our server doesn't support forms, or, which is more likely, we haven't figured out how to use them yet. In stead you have to order the old fashioned way. All you have to do is send an E-mail with the following data:

E-mail address
Your order

In case you have forgotten what issues exactly belong to the new FutureDisks, or if you don't understand the logic behind our numbering of the FutureDisks (hey, don't be embarassed, neither do we!), here's a small list:

If you have read all this, you can click on the FD logo below to send us your order... And, if you need our postal address, warp to the Helpline page.

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