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FD#42 Released!

It took us a long time to finish this disk, but finally here it is! This time we bring you a great magazine with cool graphics and music and a lot of texts. Also includes schematics on how to build your own OPL3 cartridge and a nice sound effects editor, PIE...

FD#42 screenshot FD#42 Disklabel

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FD#41 Released!

This FutureDisk has a premiere: the first Software FD! This means that in stead of a normal magazine, the disk contains something else, ie. a game or a demo or whatever. Now we proudly present 'Almost Real', a demo made by Mayhem. See some spectacular programming tricks on your MSX and be stunned... Unfortunately no screenshots since it didn't work on the fMSX emulator due to advanced programming ;-) But trust me, it's good!

FD#41 'screenshot' FD#41 Disklabel

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FD staff members wanted!

If you are from Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, France (any place that is not Holland, actually), and you think you can inform us about what is going on in your country, we want YOU to write about it, and we will publish it all on the FutureDisk. New soft and hardware, fairs, interesting stuff that nobody knows about yet, we want you to tell us! It is good for everybody; we have some REAL news, and every MSX fan in your country can be sure that in other countries people will know that they have made something or are organizing an event. Remember, the FD is read in a lot of different countries.

As soon as we find someone (one person) in each country, we will make sure that your address will be on every FD, so that people from your country know who to call when they have some news (unless you don't want this, of course!). This way, you will eventually get all the news first and then you send it to us.

There's only one problem: you MUST have an E-mail address, just to make things easier. Another thing is that you have to be able to write good (=understandable) English. If these requirements aren't a problem for you, and you are interested, don't hesitate to mail or write us. The fastest way to get a reply is to send an E-mail to Koen Dols or Jorrith Schaap. These E-mail addresses are read almost every day... We hope to hear from you!

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