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A membership, what a bright idea. Why become a member? Simple. First of all, you'll get an update on all MSX news in the world every two months. It's called: the 'FutureDisk'. One DD packed full with news and information. But, there's more! Every FutureDisk holds software. And not the crap you're used to from other magazines, but real software. From demos to utilities, even (good) games at times. It's all there... Naturally, you can just copy your FD from a friend, but hey... Why? Copying only ruins the MSX, and besides, for only 50 Dutch Guilders (currently about US$25,00) you'll receive all the issues up till FD#50. For this you get a DoubleDensity disk, with our own shutter logo, a nice full colour disk label, and the guarantee that you'll receive your disk error free.

So, make sure from now on you won't miss even one FD. Become a member. Join the hundreds of people who have already decided to get smart. Be on top of all the MSX news, and have a blast. Join now...

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How to become a member? It's simple. All you have to do is to send an E-mail to Koen Dols. Please use MEMBERSHIP as your subject, so we know what you're talking about. This mail will advise us of your decision to join the FutureDisk. Then it is required that you deposit Hfl 50,00 (Dutch Guilders, about US$ 25,00) on account number (Rabobank) to mr. K.Dols. Of course you may also pay by International Post Order. After that you will receive all the FDs till FD#50, starting from the first new release date. We need the following data for our administration:

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Your order will be shipped as soon as your payment has been received... If you need our postal address, have a look at the Helpline page.

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