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FutureDisk #36 - April '98

And again another wonderful issue. This time, we made a Compile issue. And as always, we have a cool magazine for you, with a lot of previews from the Tilburg fair. And of course the theme is very well present as well; all graphics are in Compile style, and so is the music. Next to a DiscStation style selector with cool graphics, we also have a incredibly addicting game for you: Gorby vs Puyo! In this game, you have to protect the earth from the evading Puyos... And of course there's even more: the Carbuncle Big Band, that plays all the music from the magazine. And still there's more, but to see all that, you'll just have to buy it...

FD#36, Magazine part FD#36 Selector, Intro screen

Carbuncle Big Band screenshot Gorby vs Puyo Screenshot

FD#36 disklabel

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