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FutureDisk #35 - February '98

We certainly exceeded ourselves this time! Two disks, loaded with cool software. Our theme this time: Final Fantasy 7. Well, what do we have for ya? The first disk contains some cool Final Fantasy 7 OPL4 songs, a FF7 slide show for screen 12 (but it'll also run on MSX2) and of course a terrific magazine, completely in FF7 style. Disk two has 2 games on it, Head Hunter, based on a game in SD-Snatcher and influenced by Peach Up, and Minesweep, the classical Windows game for MSX. What more do you want?

FD#35, Magazine part FF7 Slideshow, second part

MineSweep screenshot Head Hunter, screenshot 1

FD#35 (a )disklabel FD#35 (b) disklabel

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